is an easy to use
with a variety of features.

everything as expected

The integrated player for audio and video files comes with automatic rewind function. There is an editor with all popular functions of text editing.

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Maximal compatibility

On demand easytranscript sets a timemark after every passage, with which you can jump back to the current time in your mediafile. Like this, it's easier to re-edit a passage. The timemarks are compatible with other transcriptionsoftware like F4, so that you can take over your transcripts. If you use the shortcuts Alt+1 .. 0 you can compile, justify able text modules. So, often used phrases can easier and faster get setted in.

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Working time monitoring

On demand you can even record your working time. Thus you keep track of how long you are working on the transcription already and how high your salary is at an hourly rate.

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at one place


They are saved as easytranscript transcript files. All important information are summarized this way in one file and either saved in the central transcript folder or in a location chosen by the user.

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Foot pedals -
even faster.


easytranscript supports programmable foot pedals! Now you can concentrate on writing while you control the audioplayer with your foot. Thus you can transcribe even faster.

Stenograpy is a must have!

Work more efficiently: With our shorthand feature, you can specify that abbreviations such as "et" will automatically change to "easytranscript" in the document. easytranscript now remembers long words and auto-suggest them to you; with pressing Enter these words will be inserted immediately.

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easytranscript is more than just a simple transcription program. With the "information" button you can add important facts, such as Location, Time, Present, interviewing, etc to your transcript file. In addition, you can add multiple transcripts to a project, creating a better overview over contiguous transcripts. Of course, you can also display the the total working time, add external files to your project and add project-related information

System requirements

Windows 7 or later

Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or later

Mac: Mac OS X 10.11 or later

RAM: 75 Mb (without loaded transcript)

HDD: ~ 80 Mb

Java: JRE 11 or later

VLC: VLC-Player 3 (optional)




Great impressions

If transcriptions are part of your life and if you need a free, user friendly, and very useful transcription tool, you’re very well advised to get Easytranscript.

George Norman, (5/5)

Easytranscript is simply the best video transcription software in this list. Special features that comes with this software are timestamp and shorthand feature.

Ubaidullah Khan, (5/5)

easytranscript is a useful and reliable utility that can help you perform transcription assignments, enabling you to process your media files more quickly, thanks to the numerous functions that simplify your task.

Marina Dan, (4/5)

Easytranscript really is one of the best tools of audio/video transcription that includes several options that make work easier.

Edgardo Fernandez,

EasyTranscript bringt alle Funktionen mit, die man für das einfache Interviewtranskribieren so braucht [...] So wie es aussieht, hat hiermit EasyTranscript F4 als unsere Transkriptionssoftware der Wahl abgelöst.

Easytranscript is also free, straightforward to use and has several worthwhile features [...] if you're new to transcription - or your needs are basic - then it will save you some time.

Mike Wiliams, (3.5/5)


  • FH-Düsseldorf: Workshop "Freie Software im Studium – Transkribieren mit easytranscript" vom 21.01.2015
  • University Regensburg - Institut für Germanistik: Recommendation of easytranscript in »Arbeitstipp "Transkription"«
  • Institut für deutsche Sprache - GAiS: Recommendation of easytranscript.
  • Goethe Universität - GeoStud: easytranscript is standard software in pc pool Humangeographie

Version 2.51.5 Epicé [19.04.2021]

  • Support of Java 16.

Version 2.51.4 Epicé [03.03.2021]

  • Minimum Java version lowered from 14 to 11.

Version 2.51.3 Epicé [23.11.2020]

  • Support for Java 9 and higher.

Version 2.51.2 Epicé [08.05.19]

  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 2.51.1 Epicé [12.04.19]

  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 2.50.7 Epicé [22.11.15]

  • Fixed a bug which prevented easytranscript from saving in some situations.

Version 2.50.7 Epicé [22.11.15]


  • Fixed a bug which prevented easytranscript from starting in some situations.

Version 2.50.6 Epicé [27.10.15]


  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.50.5 Epicé [25.10.15]


  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.50.4 Epicé [27.09.15]


  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 2.50.2 Epicé [14.09.15]


  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.


Version 2.50.1 Epicé [25.03.15]

  • Don't need admin rights to open easytranscript [Improved]
  • Few Improvements [Improved]
  • Many bug fixes [Fixed]
  • Updater fixed [Fixed]

Version 2.50 Epicé [24.12.14]

  • Youtube-Videos as medium. [Added]
  • JavaFX-Mediaplayer. [Added]
  • Performance-Modus [Added]
  • Updater improved. [Improved]
  • New icon [Improved]
  • Added french as language. [Added]
  • Many bug fixes. [Fixed]

Version 2.20.8 Aegis [20.10.14]

  • Many bug fixes. [Fixed]

Version 2.20.5 Aegis [15.10.14]

  • Added system analyzing tool for quickly finding bugs [Added]
  • improved Updater, incremental updates, downgrading, ... [Improved]
  • Fixed a bug on Mac, that prevented easytranscript from starting. [Fixed]
  • Minor bug fixes. [Fixed]

Version 2.20.2 Aegis [18.09.14] [Hotfix]

  • Fixed a bug, which made it impossible to write, when word suggestions were disabled. [Fixed]

Version 2.20.1 Aegis [14.09.14]

  • Bugfixes [Fixed]
  • Updateinf file is now protected from exploitation. [Security]
  • Added Japanese [New]

Version 2.20 Aegis [19.08.14]

  • Fixed Bug with  text modules [Fixed]
  • Windows: File association. double click an easytranscript file to open. [New]
  • Drag n Drop easytranscript files now possible [New]
  • renaming: Project -> Transcript and Project Folder -> Project [Improved]
  • Translation improvments [Improved]
  • you can now choose the upate channel, e.g. beta or alpha [New]
  • Information window for transcript [New]
  • Bug fixes for linux [Fixed]
  • Text size and font now changes correctly if now text is selected. [Fixed]
  • Pressing backspace now deletes a complete timestamp (if at cursor position) [Improved]
  • Improved dependency installer [Improved]
  • working time entries are now deletable as well as the entire table [New]
  • A shortcut to easytranscript Projectfolder will be created at first start [New]
  • Many minor bug fixes [Fixed]

 Version 2.10.3 Shaun [05.07.14]

  • deactivated mac system wide hotkeys until a better library is available [Fixed]
  • Linux: System-Wide hotkeys fixed  [Fixed]
  • Linux: Fixed bug, where the user could not save the config [Fixed]
  • Fixed crash, after the user manually searched for vlc if vlc was not detected automatically [fixed]

 Version 2.10.2 Shaun [26.6.14]

  • Fixed playback of mediafiles with non-english characters in path [Fixed]
  • Windows: Fixed program start if hotkeys are activated [Fixed]

 Version 2.10.1 Shaun [24.6.14]

  • Upload of log files with activated firefall fixed [Fixed]
  • Windows: start problems fixed [Fixed]
  • Improved texts[Improved]
  • better english translation[Improved]
  • necessary software is now bundled with setup file. [Improved]
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