Yes, easytranscript is free software.
This could have many reasons. Please read the installation instruction guide or contact the support.
Yes, if they are programmable (look for the manual of pedal), easytranscript supports them. F4-only foot pedals are not supported.
Yes, they are compatible with easytranscript. Just save your transcript as an rtf-file and create a new transcript with this file in easytranscript.
It is possible to export your transcript as a Word file. Just go to “File” -> ”Export” -> “Document export” and choose “docx” as file format. If you haven't already installed the multi document converter “pandoc”, easytranscript will ask you to install it.
At the moment there is no installer for easytranscript for mac. To start easytranscript double click the archive file you've downloaded (easytranscript.zip). In the new folder double click easytranscript and it should start up.
This problem can occur with variable bitrate mp3 files when using the VLC player. In this case, we recommend that you use either constant bitrate mp3 files or a file format like ogg to work around the problem.
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